Gaunt's Ghost Series

Gaunt's Ghost Series의 1권 The Founding을 읽었고, 2권인 The Ghostmakers를 읽고 있다. 이 책에 대해서 훌륭한 리뷰를 쓰신 분이 있고 그럴로 내 감상을 대신한다.

This is a great airplane read. The heroes are always in peril, violent action erupts every few pages, and the characters are drawn with enough complexity and humanity that you actually care what happens to them. You don't have to slog through any boring parts to get to the good stuff; it's all good stuff. Don't be put off if you're not into Warhammer or Warhammer 40K or not into RPGs and wargames at all. I used to play RPGs when I was younger (and had more time!), but I never got into the Warhammer universe. But that's no problem here. You don't need to know any of the backstory. Abnett sketches in the universe quickly, and at no point did I ever feel lost or like I was missing out on anything. Think of these as simply good action-oriented military SF. They're not as hard-edged as David Drake's books, but then whose are? Abnett's books are pulpier, more rolicking--heck, just more fun.

One word of special praise. A lot of F&SF, and especially a lot of game tie-ins, suffer from terrible writing. These books don't. I write for a living and keep a copy of Strunk & White under my pillow, and after I've read several of his books Abnett still hasn't done anything to offend my refined sensibilities. Quite the contrary--some of his passages are so eloquent and evocative that I've copied them down and sent them around to friends. If you're used to thinking of gaming fiction as a big bucket of filthy coal, get ready to enjoy a diamond.

If you're looking for intense character-driven drama or Big Idea SF, this is not the place. Abnett is not trying to write like Greg Bear or Isaac Asimov, or David Drake for that matter. He's doing his own thing, and it's a fine thing in its own right. So judged on their own terms--as pure, action-packed entertainment--I give the books five stars(via Amazon)

정말 그렇다. 
by corwin | 2014/03/21 09:27 | 트랙백
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